Engine Tables for rent

We offer engine tables for rent.

If you organize an event or a party, this unique piece of furniture will immediately become the center of attention for your guests.

Are you thinking about creative ways of improving atmosphere on your events? Renting one of our engine tables could be an ideal and effective solution for you.

Engine table rental is ideal also for those who consider buying these accessories but prefer to verify first if it fits their living room or offices.

Turn your favourite Engine into an Engine Table

Have you got your own engine or engine block in the garage and want to make an engine table of it?

Whether it’s about your memories or admiration for its power and technology, we can create an engine table according to your requirements.

Refresh your premises and get into the right mood every day by looking at your own new engine table.

Get in touch with us and we’ll find a way how to materialize your engine table dreams.

We craft Engine Tables

Engine table is a new and unique way of refreshing your living room, office or business premises.

Engine table creates a unique atmosphere by combination of world-class performing cars technology with modern interior design.

We craft engine tables to your requirements. Choose your engine type, its color, type of support, size and color of the glass, any accessories or surface finish – we’ll materialize your engine table dreams.

Maintenance and Cleaning services

Engine tables are luxury and stylish accessories of your interior.

Similar to other furniture, it requires some maintenance and they look better if you keep them clean.

If you want your engine table look as new and grant it some professional care, let us know and we’ll make it shine again.

Exchange your Engine Table

Do you own an engine table and want some change?

Even beautiful things need to be refreshed or changed for new ones after some time.

We can remake your original engine table according to your new expectations or we can replace the old for a new one from our stock. Contact us and get a discount on your new engine table.

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