Frequently Asked Questions about Engine Tables

What is an engine table?

For most of you it’s just a piece of metal or a temporary obsession of a car fanatic. But can you think of anything similar with such a story to tell?

Think about all the destinations and roads where an engine with 500 000km mileage had travelled. You could have it in your living room now.

All engines we use to craft engine tables had from 300 000 to 800 000 km mileage. Most of them come from upper class luxury limousines. The BMW 7-series V12 engine tables and wine racks had been fitted in government cars possibly driving many politicians and other publicly active people…

Why should I get one?

High level of personalization and individual treatment. Each engine table is an original masterpiece and there are no identical tables.

Engine tables from the same type of engine block are always different by their accessories, colors and finish.

It is an ideal souvenir of the automotive golden era with high quality cars and powerful V8 or V12 engines.

It’s a great piece of interior design, an eye-catching furniture that becomes an ideal small-talk topic for all your conversations.

Why an engine table from us?

We strive to be more creative than our concurrents and offer more than the classic black & metal look.

We offer various types of finish, including (but not limited to) powder coated surface, polished front and contact areas, full painted finish, fully polished finish or worn out look.

We strive to create our engine tables in a clean way and without any disturbing elements and by using as many genuine parts as we can.

We’ve got a large selection of ready-made engine tables on stock, but we can also modify the existing engine table according to your requirements.

We can create original engine tables from the upper engine parts too (e.g. intake manifolds, cam covers etc.). This option enables you to increase the experience of a view under the bonnet of your favourite car.

Myths and Legends about engine tables...

“Engine Tables are stinky and dirty”

Our engine tables a completely cleaned, got rid of odor, dirt, lubricants, other fluids and are fully disinfected.

“Engine Tables are heavy and hard to manipulate”

The average weight of a V8 engine table is around 35 kg. This means an average man should not have any issues to move or manipulate with the engine table.

Also, we offer integrated office chair supports or rubberized wheels to allow smooth engine table manipulation in your office or living room.

“What if my Engine Table comes from a stolen car?”

All our engine blocks come with their original engine ID or VIN code to track their origin.